10. sep. 2013

Update - Progress and a new project.

I have just started my 3rd year at The Animation Workshop. As always I spend my spare time, creating art work related to games. My observatory scene (as found in earlier posts) is coming along nicely. However at the moment it is on hold, while I do a bit more research of how to optimize the texture space.

In the meantime, I have begun another project I also wish to include in my final show-reel. My plan is to create a horse carriage (w/o horses). It will contain a lot more polygons than my previous game-works as well as baked textures from xNormal.

I did a lot of research and did sketches, and this is the concept I am going for:

Here are some reference I used for the design: 

I plan to use detailed and more technical references for the sculpting phase.

Here are the main pieces modeled in Maya. Now I just need to add the detail - Uvmap it and bring it into Zbrush, so I can begin making the sculpt. Once that's done - I will bake it on to a low-poly version in Xnormal.  First I need the game-asset version - then later V-ray version!