28. okt. 2013

Horse Carriage: Update - Body sculpt nearly done - And a little portfolio update.

I am working on my portfolio pieces, and it is coming together faster than I expected. I like the outcome of the wood so far, although it has been taking quite some time, finding the right tool to carve the wood.

Soon I can move on to the rest of the carriage. I aim to mirror certain areas, in order to maintain the quality and crispness without having more than one texture sheet :)

I still aim to get my portfolio ready for January, having both my carriage, Saga's Observatory scene, perhaps a character, and some other assets. But it all boils down to how much time I'll have next to my study.

One thing is definitely sure, I'll add my quadruped - Perhaps a few 2D pieces, but I'm not sure yet - as I'd like to keep my portfolio small, but showing off the best - and stuff related to the field I'd like to work in.