3. mar. 2014

Early water tests for the Haru film

Here are a few of the early water tests I created for our film. I created these before December, but the techniques were very useful, and showed good promise for our film.

This test was created using an animated texture for the water; and using seperate planes around the test-geometry. I had done a quick 2d animation of tileable water ripples, which I used as the animated texture. The ripples can then be copied infinitely despite they are animated, and be stretched and distorted. 

That will save us a lot of time on the animation, so instead they can focus more on the character animation, as we will only need a tile-able animated ripple sequence, which can later be used for all ripples around geometry. 

The 2nd test I created was made by using the ocean shader. I rendered it on to a plane, where I added post-effects on the entire sequence in Photoshop. The 2D Animation was animated by Pernille Nielsen, and was added on top. Currently the plan is to use 2D animation for the splashes of water in the film, which we later will composite in NukeX.

Current progress on our Film: