6. mar. 2014

Update on "Haru"

Since January I have been working on modelling sets and props for the Short-film with the temporary title "Haru" Most of the film takes place on the upstairs of a house, which has been modelled as a single set, in order to save production time. All our sets needed to be finished before we started painting and texturing, as that will happen through projection. So instead of set-dressing we will need all sets, details and debris being finished beforehand. To speed up the process; I have been creating several Unwrapping and UV scripts, to speed up the proccess, as they need to be very clean in order to get the best results from Mari.

Screenshots of sets:

Once the sets are complete, the UVs created and layed out - We will then create 47 matte paintings which we will project directly on to the Geometry using Mari. Here is a screenshot of our intial test-projection:

(Early Painted projection test on Geometry - Painted and projected by: Morten Jæger)

See the previously posted look-test for a more polished result.
To see more content, please visit: http://harufilm.tumblr.com/